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How to read Lobachevsky University Electrocardiography Database (LUDB)

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I have read related databases like MITDB and QTDB using physionetdb ('DatabaseName'). Still, when I use the same command for LUDB, I get the following message, even I has also been downloaded the database (ludb) into my system, and placed it with other readable databases (mitdb and qtdb), so that it may not have an address path problem—but still facing the same problem. Can someone help me figure out how to access LUDB files? I GET THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE when I try to read ludb via physionetdb command.
Error using urlreadwrite (line 92)
The server did not find a resource to match this request.
Error in urlread (line 47)
[s,status] = urlreadwrite(mfilename,catchErrors,url,varargin{:});
Error in physionetdb (line 112)
rec_list=deblank(urlread([PHYSIONET_URL db_name '/RECORDS']));
Muhammad Usman Gul
Muhammad Usman Gul on 18 Feb 2022
The weblink is
However, upon your question, I also found the answer to my question by using this command.
physionetdb('ludb/1.0.1'); instead of physionetdb('ludb');
Thanks to everyone who consider the asked question

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