Detect abrupt changes in signals with functions "wavedec" and/or "cwt"

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Hi, I read a MATLAB article called "Detecting Discontinuities and Breakdown Points", where both the wavedec (1-D wavelet decomposition) and detcoef (1-D detail coefficients) functions are used to detect abrupt changes of signals. I also checked the cwt (Continuous 1-D wavelet transform) function that might be used to detect abrupt changes of signals (right?). But something is not clear to me - Anyone who is able to reply to one of my two questions? :)
  1. Are wavedec (1-D wavelet decomposition) and cwt (Continuous 1-D wavelet transform) somehow related? (Maybe their outputs are somehow related...?!)
  2. Can I use the function cwt (Continuous 1-D wavelet transform) to detect abrupt changes in signals?

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