Connectivity problem to target machine

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I am able to connect to my Speedgoat target machine after target reeboot. But after running it for 10 min or more, connection is lost. I am using Matlab R2019b and Simulink Real-Time Version 6.11 (R2019b).
Here is the response from slrttest (after target has been running for a while).
### Simulink Real-Time Test Suite
### Host-Target interface is: TcpIp
### Test 1, Ping target computer 'TargetPC1' using system ping: ... OK
### Test 2, Ping target computer 'TargetPC1' using SLRTPINGTARGET: ... OK
### Test 3, Software reboot the target computer 'TargetPC1': Error using slrttest (line 160)
TargetPC1: Port is not open

Accepted Answer

Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 10 Mar 2022
Hi Mats,
Could you make sure that no other host PC or MATLAB release is trying to connect to the target? Are you using a direct connection, or do your target and host PC communicate via a LAN?
Mats on 10 Mar 2022
Hi Dimitri,
Ping reset brings my connection back. Thank you very much!
BR, Mats
>> tg = slrt
Target: TargetPC1
Connected = No
ans =
>> tg=slrt
Target: TargetPC1
Connected = Yes
Application = pi_test_endurance
Mode = Real-Time Single-Tasking
Status = running
CPUOverload = none
ExecTime = 80368.0000

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