How to call a function to read some files from a specific folder?

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Hi everyone,
I have two files containing some data, and I want to define a function that can be called to read the contents. Suppse the folder containing the data is:
cd 'D:\...\multiparts test2'
How should I give the correct file address to the function in the input format from script?
Thank you for any lead!

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 16 Mar 2022
thepath = 'D:\...\multiparts test2' ;
filename1 = [thepath,filesep,'lineinjection.dpm'] ;
filename2 = [thepath,filesep,'lineinjection2.dpm'] ;
% Now call the function to read the contents of files
[x1,y1,z1,u1,v1,w1,diameter1,t1,parcelmass1,mass1,ninparcel1,time1,flowtime1,inj1]=sampleread(filename1) ;
[x2,y2,z2,u2,v2,w2,diameter2,t2,parcelmass2,mass2,ninparcel2,time2,flowtime2,inj2]=sampleread(filename2) ;

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