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negative values for 'ylim' results in error

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i'm trying to use the 'ylim'-commad to specify my axes format. Works fine for positive values, but if 'ylim' turns out to be negative i get the following error is there a way bypass this problem:
'ylim',[0 -1.2],...
'YTick', 0:(-1.2/6) :-1.2,...
'xlim',[0 0.3],...
'XTick', 0:0.3/6:0.3);
results in:
??? Error using ==> axes
Bad property value found.
Object Name : axes
Property Name : 'YLim'
Values must be increasing and non-NaN.
Error in ==> XXXX at 76
Great Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 27 Sep 2011
Hi, if you want to change the direction of the yaxis, you can set 'ydir' to 'reverse'
% set(gca,'ylim',[0 -1.2]) gives an error, but
set(gca,'ylim',[-1.2 0]);
is ok.
Wayne King
Wayne King on 27 Sep 2011
The 'ylim' values have to be increasing as the error states
Jan on 27 Sep 2011
And if you are not sure about the order, because you use variables:
set(gca, 'YLim', sort([a,b]));

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Patrick on 27 Sep 2011
sorry i was a bit thick on that one, solved by switching to [-1.2 0] arrg
but thanks anyway!


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