How to change the pixel value int16 to new value?

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Dear All,
I have image dicom. as attached. dimension is 128x128, have 45 frame. the type is int16.
I want to convert all the pixel value with new value IMG_cps as code below (the last one).
Anyone can help me?
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Image_name = 'SPECTCTLD_EM_IRNCRR001_DS.dcm'; % add your file name
%% read dicom image
IMG = dicomread(Image_name);
IMG = double(IMG); % chage data type double
%% read dicom information
INFO = dicominfo(Image_name);
% time per projection
Time_per_projection = double(INFO.RotationInformationSequence.Item_1.ActualFrameDuration); % in msec
Time_per_projection = Time_per_projection/1000; % convert to sec
% number of projection
Num_projection = double(INFO.RotationInformationSequence.Item_1.NumberOfFramesInRotation);
% calculate acquisition time
Acquistion_duration = Time_per_projection * Num_projection; % sec
%% calculate cps in each pixel
IMG_cps = IMG/Acquistion_duration;

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