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상훈 송
상훈 송 on 29 Apr 2022
Commented: Rik on 29 Apr 2022
Hi. I would like to read my numerous text file which is named like 001_EQ.txt, 002_EQ.txt,......,099_EQ.txt,100_EQ.txt.
filename1 = strcat(int2str(1),'_EQ.txt');
This is a code that i tried but didn't worked well.
Thanks for your help.
Best regard.
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Rik on 29 Apr 2022
You should also not use numbered variables. Use arrays instead.

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Answers (1)

Voss on 29 Apr 2022
You can generate the file names in sequence like this:
for ii = 1:100
filename = sprintf('%03d_EQ.txt',ii);
% then read file filename
Or generate file names all at once like this:
filenames = sprintfc('%03d_EQ.txt',1:100);
for ii = 1:100
% read file filenames{ii}


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