What is different between CountsAccumulated(from dicominfo) and summation for the whole images??

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Dear All,
I have image as attached. the type is int16. have 45 frame, size 128x128. This is SPECT images.
When I wrote the script as below
[spect map]=dicomread('SPECTCTLD_EM_IRNCRR001_DS.dcm');
info = dicominfo('SPECTCTLD_EM_IRNCRR001_DS.dcm');
I got the CountsAccumulated (as picture attached) is 9363226. This information from dicominfo.
When I wrote the script as below
The answer is 14981059
Anyone can explain the CountsAccumulated is represent what?
summation spect is repsresent what?
Why this two value is not same??
What I understand is the CountsAccumulated represent the total pixel value for the whole image

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