How do I specify the datatype for readcell?

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I have a large text file filled with part numbers that I want to read into MatLab. When using the command, I get a cell array, which makes sense.
Unfortunately, some of the part numbers follow a XX-XX-XXXX` format, and MatLab reads those ones in as datatime values rather than character arrays, so I have a cell array filled with character arrays and a few datetimes. Is there a way to specify that all of the cells should be filled with character arrays?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 11 May 2022
readcell will allow the use of an import options object whch would let you set the variable types. However, I'd strongly encourage the use of readtable instead; the table is far more convenient to use than having to dereference all cell arrays.
See detectImportOptions and readtable and friends for all the skinny, examples, ...

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