difference of SSIM and multissim?

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Mehri Mehrnia
Mehri Mehrnia on 29 May 2022
Answered: DGM on 29 May 2022
I work on MRI images and now I assess different k-space trajectories on mri images.
I used ssim and nrmse to assess the quality of images. 1st off, I don't know what is the difference between ssim and multissim, as they give different values for one comparison?
2nd, as I increase k-space sampling density the ssim value starts to decrease from a point while I see the quality of image is high and it's similiar to main image.

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DGM on 29 May 2022
The documentation describes the differences:
Without any quantification of "starts to decrease from a point" and "I see the quality of the image is high", all anyone can conclude is that the error is increasing, but you simply aren't noticing the increased error.

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