How to change from scientific form to decimal form using continuous and discrete transfer functions?

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I'm using the c2d function in matlab to convert continuous transfer functions to discrete transfer functions however the output is showing in the form e-6 for example, how can I change this to decimal precision. I understand the vpa function is not supported and I've already tried format short to no avail. Many thanks for any help!

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Paul on 16 Jun 2022
Hi Edward,
It would be immensely helpful to show a simple example with an actual result and explain what the preferred result would look like.
Keep in mind that the screen display is just that, a simple display for the user. It can't be changed, at least not without changing the as-delivered code for the Control System Toolbox, which highly not recommended.
Note that the parameters of the zpk or tf object can be obtained with zpkdata and tfdata respectively and can be diplayed in whatever format is desired.
If really want a screen display with a different format for the parameters, this thread may be of interest
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Edward Willison
Edward Willison on 16 Jun 2022
Hi Paul, I realised that I had used an incorrect time sample for the c2d function, on correcting this the resulting discrete transfer function was displayed in decimal form, so for now it's all good. I'll certainly come back to this later if I encounter it again. Many thanks!

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