Load MatLab with Network License when Network is Unavailable

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I have a computer with MatLab 2018a.
It's license is based on Network (edu - university license) and was moved to a different location where this network is no longer avaliable.
I want to load the MatLab on that computer to copy files and setting that exists there but am unable to open it due to the license network issue.
Anything that I can do to manually load it w/o this network? I don't need to actually use it (old version anyway..) but I need to see the programs and it's files that I have there in order to set my new computers with ver 2022a/b in a way that we used to work with them

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Jan on 24 Jun 2022
A network license is designed to work inside the specified network only. This is its nature. So you are asking for a break of the license. Of course you do not get instructions for this.
You do not have to run Matlab to see the M-Files. The folders belonging to the path are stored in the pathdef.m file, which is eitehr inside Matlab's installation folder or in the User folder - under Windows e.g. 'C:\Users\Jan\Documents\MATLAB'.
So what does "see the programs" mean? Why does copying which files require a running license? You do not have to start Matlab to copy files.
Jan on 30 Jun 2022
You are welcome. All you need is to copy the files inside the user defined folders to the new computer.
An option is to include your computer in the old network using a VPN connection. Most universities offer such an VPN connection.

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