How I can adjust this x axis label incase of very small values of plot?

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Due to small range of x axis values, the label is appearing as shown in the figure below. I have also attached the data. How can I sort it out?

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Karan Kannoujiya
Karan Kannoujiya on 3 Jul 2022
Hi Nisaar,
You can go through this link to set axis size and aspect ratio
You can also go through this link to set the Font size of labels
I hope it helps
Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed on 3 Jul 2022
The x axis ticks are in the downward direction in the left hand side figure (circled) while on the roght hand figures WHY the x axix ticks are in the upward direction? Is it possible to have downward direction (right side fig)?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Jul 2022
Try using xticks and xticklabels
Also see the attached demo that shows you how to change virtually everything on an axes (colors, sizes, etc.)

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