Does @(x) matlab function exist in C language ?

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Hey guys, I'm currently working on a standalone app and I have to write my s-function in C language. I also have the s-function written in Matlab and I use the @(x) function. Thus, I was wondering if this function exist in C language?

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dpb on 5 Jul 2022
Edited: dpb on 5 Jul 2022
Standard C does not include what is generically called a "lambda" outside MATLAB.
GCC has an extension but I've never used it.
The generic thing is to write and include a named function in place of the anonymous function.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Jul 2022
I haven't worked very much or at all with Simulink Compiler and S-functions but I believe the answer to your question is yes, assuming that all the MATLAB functions you're using in your S-function support C/C++ Code Generation and you're not violating any of the limitations for those functions in that mode.

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