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Problems with 2014b running EXTREMELY slowly on Mac OS?

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I am running 2014b on 10.8.5 and can not believe how slow it is for simple inline matlab functions. I was using 2012b previously and it was much much faster. It's so bad it is not really usable sometimes and very frustrating, and I am looking for alternative software. Anyone else experiencing this or know what the problem might be?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 9 Feb 2015
This is all on the same computer, right? I would expect R2012b and R2014b to have comparable performance on your Mac. Try something simple like this on both versions of MATLAB:
>> tic; rand(10000); toc
Does the performance differ drastically?
Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 27 Feb 2015
@Nicholas, if 14a slows down when 14b is open, maybe you're running out of physical memory, and your computer is resorting the virtual memory. Open your Task Manager and look to see how much memory is available. If you're maxed out, MATLAB performance will vary wildly.
Nicholas Fugal
Nicholas Fugal on 10 Apr 2015
@Ken, Memory is not an issue on my computer. I have 16GB and the issue is present when only using 4GB.
I installed 2015a hoping that would solve the problem. Some days it works just as fast as 2014a, other days it's back to ~4x slower. 2014a is always operating as expected, 2015a is intermittent.
I wonder if it's something with the new graphics engine? That's common between 2014b and 2015a, but since the problem is present before I even open a figure I'm not sure.

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