Min and Max values and corresponding x/y values

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SGer on 1 Sep 2022
Answered: Rik on 1 Sep 2022
Hi there,
i need to find the maximum and minimum values of my force (F1) and the corresponding locations of the point (x,y values). I've been able to find the min and max values, however, I'm struggling to find a way of computing the corresponding (x,y values) without manually looking at my maxtrix and entering the eaxct row and column.
Is there a code that can determine these x/y values based on the value of F1?

Answers (2)

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 1 Sep 2022
use two output arguments from function max

Rik on 1 Sep 2022
You should use the second output of the min function to return the linear index of the position with the lowest value.
Since you've entered a vector, you don't even need to use ind2sub.
[row,col]=ind2sub(size(A),ind) % optional, since row will be ind and col will be 1





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