How do I plot a function of one variable easily in matlab?

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This is such a simple thing, I know, I'm just really struggling making it work at all well. I think it's a problem with how I've written the function, something about the element-wise operations. Here's my code:
y = linspace(0,20,0.5);
f = r*y - (r/L_rb)*y.^2 - (p*y.^2)./(q+y.^2);
r is 0.65, L_rb is 5.4, p is 1.2 and q is 1. I get a blank plot when I run it.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 19 Feb 2015
This is one problem:
y = linspace(0,20,0.5);
The third argument to linspace is the length of the vector it produces. (The default is 100.)
See if:
y = linspace(0,20);
improves things

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