Track actual boundaries of an object moving in a video

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Hello all.
I am starting a new project of locating an object that is moving in a video. I object can be identified eaisly by its contrast difference from its surroundings. It also has straight edges. I am not aware of how Computer Vision Toolbox can help with, so I need some initial assistance.
Ultimately, if I am able to track the boundaries as shown in the attached image and through the whole video, that would be great. I am not able to upload the vidoe, and the attached image is the initial frame of the video.
I tried using vision.PointTracker, but I noticed that MATLAB lose their track eaisly. I am looking for a tool that I can provide the initial geometry of the object and then it tracks it efficiently. Any suggestion would be great.
Thanks a lot, Ahmad
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Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 22 Sep 2022
Given the contrast difference, vision.HistogramBasedTracker might help. Although, the outcome would depend on the what the back end of the thing your tracking looks like as it cross the video frame.

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