I want to calculate radius of curvature for 3 points in a 2D image

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Please i have a 2D image with many cracks and i want to calculate radii of curvature for every crack to check the stress factor.
Kindly guide me with this.

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Mann Baidi
Mann Baidi on 1 Sep 2023
Hi Sana,
It seems that you want to find a function using which you can find the radius of curvature of 3 points in a 2D image. You can take the help of the following link. You can download the folder, Extract it and add the path to MATLAB. Then you can use the “curvature” function to find the radius of curvature.
Here is a small demonstration for the same:
radius=3;%just an example
theta=[0 90 180]%you can increase this if this isn't enough yet
X = [x2',y2'];
[L2,R2,K2] = curvature(X);
Hope this helps!

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