Choose the ideal number of bins in hist3

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Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte on 2 Dec 2022
Commented: Jan on 3 Dec 2022
Dear all,
I want to plot a hist3 plot but i'm not sure which is the ideal number of bins that I would need to define.
I have two variables with 116640 x 1 size and I'm using the following line of code:
hist3([Var1, Var2],[200 200],'CDataMode','auto','EdgeColor','none');
In this case I'm using [200 x 200] number of bins but as I want to compare these results with others with different variable sizes I'm not sure how to get the ideal number of bins based on the matrix sizes.
Do you have any idea how to do this?
Thank you in advance
Jan on 3 Dec 2022
What about a 2D interpolation with the smaller number of bins? This will keep the highest possible resolution for a 1-by-1 comparison.

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