Creating a GeoTIFF with 3 large matrices (Latitude, Longitude, Data) [satellite images]

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Dear all,
I am trying to create a GeoTIFF from 3 matrices, each of 2000x2048. Let's call them:
Lat = 2000x2048
Lon = 2000x2048
Data = 2000x2048
Now, being the coordinates not equally spaced accross the scene, I cannot use the approach where xmin xmax ymin ymax define the 4 corners.
I can do that, but when I export the file to a GeoTIFF, this is wrongly georeferenced, resulting in something "flat" like this (assuming x and y axis had coordinates):
What I am after is exactly what geoshow does. For example I can obtain the image below from:
geoshow(Lat,Lon,Data,'DisplayType', 'surface')
colormap jet, clim([250 320]), colorbar;
And this is what I get:
Now, how can I create something like this, that can be exported as a GeoTIFF?
*Please note, I tried to create meshgrids but unsurprisingsly I get the following error:
Requested 4096000x4096000 (125000.0GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference (13.9GB). This might cause MATLAB to become
Any help would be much appreciated!

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