MATLAB benchmarks for i7-12700K vs i9-12900

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I’m planning on purchasing a Dell XPS 8950 desktop with an i7-12700K CPU, RTX 3060 Ti GPU, 16 GB RAM DDR5. I will be using it mainly for medium-heavy computations on MATLAB (with the max clock time of around 3-4 weeks), so was wondering if there are any MATLAB bench scores available for this configuration or similar.
Also, how do/Will they compare with an i9-12900 that has 8P + 8E cores (4E cores more than the i7-12700K)? Will there be any significant difference in processing speed between the two?
Vikram Sudarshan
Vikram Sudarshan on 2 Jan 2023
Thanks! Yes, these are great benchmarks for the GPU. Any idea regarding the benchmarks for the 2 CPUs, especially on the MATLAB bench? I've seen various cinebench and geekbench scores and there doesn't seem much considerable improvement for the i9 over the i7 (~ 10% max).

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Rik on 2 Jan 2023
Edited: Rik on 2 Jan 2023
That will depend on the exact code profile you're going to use. Some code benefits from multiple cores, some does not. Some computations are faster when transferring the computation to the GPU, others are not.
The only way to know for sure is to create a benchmark for your own code and run it on both machines.
That said, there is a function called bench that will benchmark your computer, so you may consider searching for its results.
The YouTube channel Hardware Unboxed sometimes includes Matlab in their benchmarks. You might have some luck there. I doubt 4 efficiency cores will have much impact on any Matlab code except the most parallelized code (perhaps only functions like conv).
Vikram Sudarshan
Vikram Sudarshan on 2 Jan 2023
Thanks! I figured it out. For ODEs, direct parallelization is possible only when running multiple, independent dynamic simulations; for solving each ODE, direct parallelization doesn't seem to be possible.

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