Matlab code contains comments with strange/unrecognisable characters. Can these be "translated" in English?

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Dear all,
I am currently evaluating this code, available from . When opened, the actual script is fine, but the comments are a mix of english and unclear characters. Can you suggest a way, if any, to decode these characters and "translate" them in English?
I guess they were written in a different language (i.e., Chinese?)
You can see an example below:
function [ytr,ylp,yld]=gaiAAC(data,a,b)
% y:¾­Ñ鹫ʽTrºÍPd
% yy:¸Ä½øÐ͵Ä͸¹ýÂÊ
% yyy:¸Ä½øÐ͵ÄÉÏÐзøÉä
% data:ʵÑéÇø
% a:ISAC·ÖÇøµÄÊýÁ¿
load ma;
load mb;
coeftr100=zeros(32,9); %»ñµÃÄâºÏϵÊý
rz100=zeros(110,32); %»ñµÃ²Ð²î
statsz100=zeros(32,4); %»ñµÃÄâºÏÓŶȣ¬µÚÒ»¸ö

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 6 Jan 2023
Given that there have been relatively recent updates to that FEX submission, I would ask the author (by posting in the Discussion tab).

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 6 Jan 2023
If you get no response, you could try Google Translate, though it does not seem to be terribly helpful today. It thinks the comments are Guarani, when I posed this text to translate:
% y:¾­Ñ鹫ʽTrºÍPd
% yy:¸Ä½øÐ͵Ä͸¹ýÂÊ
% yyy:¸Ä½øÐ͵ÄÉÏÐзøÉä
% data:ʵÑéÇø
% a:ISAC·ÖÇøµÄÊýÁ¿
But it tells me nothing more than:
% y:3⁄4Word1«Ê1⁄2TroÍPd
% yy: ̧Ä1⁄2øÐÍμÄÍ ̧1ýÂÊ
% yyy: ̧Ä1⁄2øÐÍμÄÉÏÐзøÉä
% data:ÊμÑéÇø
% a:ISAC·ÖÇøμÄÊýÁ¿
So just contact the author.
Simone A.
Simone A. on 6 Jan 2023
Yeah, I tried a similar approach by opening it in Word. It detects Vietnamese, but still I wasn't able to decode it. It seems like it was written with a different keyboard (i.e., Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.), and then when uploaded these characters were impropriatelly converted (just a guess).

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