"for" cycle to plot the point in a matrix with a certain radius

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Hi everyone,
I have a compressor blade defined in polar-cylindrical coordinates and I would like to write a script that plot just the points located at a certain radius (that will correspond to the hub or to the shroud of the blade).
I tried to use the code below, but it did not work.
Does anyone could help me?
Thank you very much
clear all
close all
data = importdata("blade_pol.mat")
radius = data(:,1)
x = data(:,3);
y = data(:,1).*data(:,2);
for k = 1:size(data,1)
if radius(k,1) == 0.1160

Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 24 Mar 2023
You should use tolerance to compare floating point numbers. Set tolerance according to the level of precision you want.
And use hold on command to retain all the points on the same plot, otherwise your plot will be over-written.
for k = 1:size(data,1)
if abs(radius(k,1) - 0.1160)<1e-4 %tolerance
hold on

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