Detect clouds in IR images, taking a cloud-free scene as a reference

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Dear all,
I am trying to detect clouds in my infrared satellite scenes. I have a reference cloud-free image which I believe might be useful to find differences between the scenes (?).
I have tried some basic segmentation and image comparison approaches, but none of them worked at all.
I have attached a reference (cloud-free) image of my ROI, as well as two other images: one is a partially cloudy acquisition of the same region, and another one is a completely cloud-covered scene (of the same region).
If you could provide any help, it would be massively appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

Ranjeet on 29 May 2023
The objective is a 3-class classification problem. It would be useful to formulate the task with the help of following resource –
Create Simple Image Classification network (This is a simple guide on how to proceed with deep learning-based classification task)
Apart from this, the following resource can also be helpful to use a pretrained resnet50 network and fine-tune it for the classification task–


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