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how to to make model on simulink to check rise time ,overshoot ,steady state error of tf ?

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i have derived an tf
i know the code to write the tf and get the rise time and steady state error form the graph but i donot konw how to make it in simulink can any body help

Answers (2)

Saurabh on 4 Jun 2023
Did you take a look to the Matlab documentation? Take a look here:
But, for this you need to have control system tool box.

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 4 Jun 2023
Since you can use tf() function, I presume you have the Control System Toolbox.
In the Simulink model, you can send the output data (yout) to MATLAB Workspace from the Simulink model using the To Workspace block.
To identify the step-response characteristics, you can use the following syntax:
S = stepinfo(yout, tout)


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