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Error percentage calculated in excel and matlab not matching. why?

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I calculated error percentage for actual and predicted after ANN implementation using below code. Same I calculted using excel. both are not matching . why?
x = input';
t = output';
trainFcn = 'trainlm'; % Levenberg-Marquardt backpropagation.
hiddenLayerSize = 30;
net = fitnet(hiddenLayerSize,trainFcn);
net.divideParam.trainRatio = 80/100;
net.divideParam.valRatio = 10/100;
net.divideParam.testRatio = 10/100;
[net,tr] = train(net,x,t);
y = net(x);
e = gsubtract(t,y);
percentage_error = abs(t- y) / abs(t) * 100;

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