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how to know stopped epoch value in ANN

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Sunita on 28 Nov 2023
Answered: Rishi on 7 Dec 2023
I accidentaly closed the neural network training window , Now I am not able to find the stoped epoch value.
Is there any other way to open the window again

Accepted Answer

Rishi on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Sunita,
I understand you want to know if there is a way to find the stopped epoch value while training a neural network.
You can use ‘trainingOptions’ to display the current value of epoch by turning on the ‘Verbose’ flag. This will display the information in command window. You can learn more about it from the below documentation:
The Neural Network Training window launches with the ‘train’ functions. However, you can use individual functions to see various graphs shown in the window. I have listed them below, along with their documentation.
Also, you can view the Network Diagram using
where net is the name of the neural network.
Hope this helps.

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