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Why best performance MSE does not align with final MSE?

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ANN model outputs
  1. The model stopped at epoch 22 with an MSE of 0.0242
  2. The best performance was observed at epoch 16 with an MSE of 0.031
  3. However, the final MSE between actual and predicted values is 0.0308
Shouldn't the third data align with the best performance (second) value ?
Mahi on 24 Dec 2023
MSE at epoch 22 is better than the epoch 16. There is always a difference between training and testing error and accuracy values . Your final value of MSE is higher than your training mse .which I think is good.otherwise it may mean that your model is over fitted
pathakunta on 26 Jan 2024
The model stopped at epoch 22 with an MSE of 0.0242

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Answers (1)

Ganesh on 24 Dec 2023
Moved: Matt J on 25 Dec 2023
MSE you achieve at epoch 22 is for that specific minibatch used at epoch 22. That would not mean that you achieve the same MSE for all of the dataset. It's quite possible that you achieve a lower or a higher MSE on the test set.


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