lognrnd(2.​3,0.8,[500​0,1]), I do not want the value which samller than 1.5? How can I do?

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I want to do something before random values are produced rather than to eliminate them after being produced?
Thank you very much!

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ankit agrawal
ankit agrawal on 1 May 2015
You can do something like this
for i=1:length(a);
if a(i)>=1.5;
Where b has no value less than 1.5
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wang Jerry
wang Jerry on 1 May 2015
Thank you very much. But I think it is similar to the way of eliminating them(value less than 1.5) after all the random number being produced. I want to calculate a integral by the Monte Carlo Simulation and variable x follows the lognormal distribution. I want to get the independent samples about x wihch have no value samller than 1.5. Because for the vales less than 1.5, some function are meaningless.

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