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Changing the name of the sheet in excel

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I want to change the names of sheets in excel and then i need to perform the write operation on those sheets?
Is it possible to do with xlswrite?

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 8 May 2015
You can use ActiveX directly from MATLAB:
xlswrite('test.xls',1) % # create test file
e = actxserver('Excel.Application'); % # open Activex server
ewb = e.Workbooks.Open('c:\test\test.xls'); % # open file (enter full path!)
ewb.Worksheets.Item(1).Name = 'new name'; % # rename 1st sheet
ewb.Save % # save to the same file
Be careful while testing, it overwrite the original file. Make a backup.
Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart on 10 Sep 2020
Be warned if using @Enri solution it will populate the data to the Excel File as text.
This was problematic as I was exporting a matrix of cells with Excel functions (so the Excel user could open the file and easily track and modify the cell values if needed) and once the data was in Excel the cells had to be modified to a number type, then clicked & modified (space added then deleted), and entered one-by-one to show the function value.

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Ilias Patsiaouras
Ilias Patsiaouras on 9 Sep 2019
Is this code portable for linux and Windows cause I think linux doesnt have ActiveX

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