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How to filter a variable by removing NaN on matlab

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Hi guys,
I wrote the following code in an attempt to remove 'NaN' from a variable but I cannot run the code. Please help
format bank
data = xlsread;('Amortization Schedule.xlsx') % this command import the data from an excel spread sheet
for i = 1:1:308;
j = 1:1:6;
if data(i,j)= isnan(data(i,j))
data(i,j) = 0
I am trying to: firstly equate every 'NaN' to zero then I will proceed by writing other line of code to filter my data and only have values that are not zero.
I will appreciate the help in this matter.

Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 17 Aug 2015
Edited: James Tursa on 17 Aug 2015
You can skip the loops and just do this vectorized one-liner instead:
data(isnan(data)) = 0; % Set all NaN elements to 0 using logical indexing



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