Plots are shown as upper left cropped on OSX in 2015b

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When plotting on my retina macbook pro connected to a non-retina external display, figures are always shown as a cropped upper left of each figure. I am guessing that this has something to do with the HighDPI/"LowDPI" modes that OSX presents to applications, but between this and the Java bugs and what not in later Matlab for OSX revisions, I am questioning myself: does mathworks test MATLAB for mac prior to releases? If so, do their setups deviate a lot from mine, or are they happy to ship products that are in such a sorry shape?
Being able to do a figure(); plot(1:10,1:10) ought to be one of the first things a QA person or automated test would check on any supported platform?
Sorry about the rant.
Matthew Golden
Matthew Golden on 15 Feb 2017
I am also experiencing this issue. I also have times when the fonts in the plot become oversized.
I am running Matlab 2016b on OSX 10.12.13
I have found that I just have to restart Matlab to get it working correctly again.

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