How do I declare a variable non-automatically on Matlab?

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I'm trying to use Matlab coder to generate a C file from a Matlab code. However, when I build the project it doesn't recognize one of my local variables properly - it mistakes its class - giving the following error: "Undefined function or variable 'B'. The first assignment to a local variable determines its class." It was supposed to be a struct array, but it's recognized as an unknown class of size 1x1. I've tried to assign it as an array from the beggining as the first lines of my code are:
B(n,n).obs=0; %n is the array size
Although it still does not work!

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 15 Sep 2015
Hi Ricardo,
you can use struct and repmat to initialize your structure:
B = repmat( struct( ...
'obs', 0, ...
'custo', 0, ...
'visitado', 0), n, n);

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dpb on 15 Sep 2015
Don't have the coder to test, but how about
>> B=struct('obs',0,'cust',0,'visit',0)
B =
obs: 0
cust: 0
visit: 0
>> whos B
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
B 1x1 396 struct
Setting B(n,n) on LHS of above will generate a structure array of that size. Now whether the coder is capable-enough to implement structures you'll have to check the documentation to tell.


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