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How can I print a string that contains 'Escape characters'?

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Michael Jarboe
Michael Jarboe on 12 Jan 2016
Commented: Michael Jarboe on 12 Jan 2016
I am copying data from a file and attempting to print it to a second file. One of the lines of data I want to copy is a path to a folder. C:\ni-rt\NIVeriStand\XNET\Raw Data Logs '\n' and '\N' are escape characters when using fprintf(fid2, mystring) When I open the write file the data looks like
Is there a way I can print the string as is to a second file?

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Guillaume on 12 Jan 2016
Edited: Guillaume on 12 Jan 2016
The simplest way is not to use the string you want to write as the format string, but as one of the argument to be formatted:
fprintf(fid2, '%s', mystring);
Alternatively, you could escape the '\':
fprintf(fid2, strrep(mystring, '\', '\\'));
Option 1 is more robust and should be faster.

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