How can I modify and update the DBC file in Matlab&Simulink environment?

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I have a Simulink model in which some ECUs are connected via CAN bus based on a DBC file. I would like to be able to add a new ECU in generic way without updating the DBC file manually. The only way I can guess is to open the DBC text file in Matlab, then parse it, change the related parts and update it to model. However I don’t know how exactly! Any idea? Is there any simpler way to modify and update the DBC file automatically as soon as new module is added?
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laura medhurst
laura medhurst on 12 Feb 2022
Hi, I hope you did get an answer for your question somewhere and it solved your problem.
I have a question for you and it would be so helpful if you could offer some assistance: I am working on a very similar project where me and team are trying to create an eletric vehicle in Simulink and connect the modules (ECU, BMS) via CAN bus and inputting a DBC file collected from an actual vehicle to provide validation between the real and simulation.
I'm not sure how to link the modules via the CAN virtual channels - would you be able to offer some help?
It would be really appreciated.

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