function and matrix form

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sarngon on 26 Jan 2012
codes function kdot=train(t,x) alfa=0.3; beta=0.13; gama=0.16; Ua=1; Ub=2; kdot=[k(2);(2/pi)*(atan((x-4)/0.05)+atan((x-2)/0.05))- (alfa+beta*abs(k(2))+gama*(k(2)^2))+Ua-Ub];
and the error line
??? Undefined function or method 'k' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in ==> train at 7 kdot=[k(2);(2/pi)*(atan((x-4)/0.05)+atan((x-2)/0.05))-(alfa+beta*abs(k(2))+gama*(k(2)^2))+Ua-Ub];
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Jan on 26 Jan 2012
Please take the time to format the code properly. Currently it is not readable. Look at the "Markup help" link on this page.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Jan 2012
You have not defined any function or variable named "k", so the k(2) in your function has no meaning.

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Jan on 26 Jan 2012
The error message is clear: You try to access k(2), but k is neither a variable nor a function in the path.
What is k?


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