how i discretize linear differential equations(2 or 3 order)

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i have a ode23 result ad i must change it
for ex:i have result od ode23 func. and i want to have
x[j] j=0,1,....N (jT/N) T:time interval
so how can i do it in matlab
Thanks for your help....

Accepted Answer

Bård Skaflestad
Bård Skaflestad on 30 Jan 2012
I think your question is poorly posed. Do you call the ODE solver using a syntax such as the following
[t, y] = ode23(odefun, tspan, y0)
whence ode23 returns a time point vector t that is not linearly spaced but you want them to be -- i.e., such that
In that case I recommend you read the documentation for ode23 more carefully. It is clearly documented how to do this. See either of
doc ode23
help ode23

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