How to import an AUTOSAR SWC directly in a Simulink model?

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Hi everyone,
I am almost new in Simulink. I have created a GUI which by clicking bottom it imports an arxml file as AUTOSAR SWC. Then it saves and opens a new Simulink file for it. here is my current code:
model_if1 = createComponentAsModel( importerOBJ, '/YellowCar/ProcessingECU/SoftwareComponents/DistMgr');
current_Path = fileparts(mfilename('fullpath'));
parent_Path = current_Path(1:end-length('arxml_for_import'));
save_system(gcs,[parent_Path, 'Documents\MATLAB\YellowCarProject4\', gcs, '_imp']);
But I have to import it directly inside of my current Simulink model. Any idea?

Answers (1)

Krishna Anne
Krishna Anne on 30 May 2019

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