Saving strings in to GUI dynamic Listbox in a loop

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Hi, I am trying to save a list of words and set them in a GUI listbox dynamically. This is my loop:
L = length(scchildren1)
c= 1;
for z=1:L
A= A+1;
B= A;
B =int2str(B);
B= scchildren1{z}
set(handles.listbox2,'String',B, 'Value', c);
B= str2num('B');
B= B+1;
c= c+1;
I don’t know which property of listbox I can access to change line for each save operation. I thought maybe ‘Value’, but false. Now the problem is I am saving all words in one place in each iteration and at the end remains only one. Any idea would be helpful. Thanks

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 May 2016
You can't insert just one item into a listbox. You have to send in the whole string. So you need to make up a cell array of strings and then send that in. for what you did, no for loop is needed:
listboxItems = scchildren1(1:z);
set(handles.listbox2,'String', listboxItems );
If you then want to highlight/select a particular item in the listbox, then is when you set the value property:
set(handles.listbox2, 'Value', someIndexYouWant);
Note that if you have multiselect on then someIndexYouWant can be a vector. if it's a single selection listbox, someIndexYouWant must be a single number.
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Saeed Soltani
Saeed Soltani on 30 May 2016
This is excactly what I should do. Only small correction in your answer, 'L' instead of 'z':
listboxItems = scchildren1(1:L);
set(handles.listbox2,'String', listboxItems );
Thank you for your help ;)

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