Problem with updating CAN Pack/Upack blocks programmatically

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Hi, I change the message list(MsgList) of CAN Pack module using set_param:
Sys= 'Test/CAN Pack'
set_param(Sys,'MsgList', 'RcInfoMsg');
But as a result noting changes on the block. When I check the message from command line it is changed but the ports are not updated unless I click on the block and then Ok/ Apply button. This one also does not work:
set_param(gcb,'SimulationCommand', 'update');
I have found noting related. The only thing in this link , Accepted answer is using apply_CAN_block(gcb) which does not exist at all.
Any idea?

Answers (1)

Vinod on 12 Jul 2016
Saeed, please contact MathWorks Technical Support .


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