Plotting 4 dimensions in 1 graph (4th D being color)

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Daniel van den Heuvel
Daniel van den Heuvel on 9 Jun 2016
Answered: xiaoshu liu on 29 May 2020
I want to plot 4 dimensions in a 3D-graph with x, y and z being random variables from a certain range I used to calibrate a model. The fourth dimension would be the model efficiency I calculated for each combination of x,y,z and represented by color. So, I have 4 vectors with equal lengths.
I managed to do so using the scatter3 command, but I would like the plot to be continuous and be like a 3D body rather than scattered dots. I tried using contour3, but I don't quite get what the dimensions of x,y,z and c should be to use it. Should I use contour3 for this purpose and how should I manipulate x,y,z and c for it to work with contour 3?

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xiaoshu liu
xiaoshu liu on 29 May 2020
where 5 is the size of your marker
c is automatically linearly mapped to the colormap.

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