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angle and edge pixel matrix in which according to angle i need to compute pixel difference based upon threshold value please anyone suggest

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for i=1:256; for j=1:256; if angle(i,j)==0; t=1;k=256; for r=1:k; xm=e(i,j-r); xo=e(i,j); xn=e(i,j+r); if abs(xm-xo)<=t && abs(xn-xo)<=t; xm1=e(i,j-r); xn1=e(i,j+r); end end
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jun 2016
I have no idea what all that means. People are supposed to upload an image if they want image processing advice, so help us help you by inserting your image and reading this link and this link.

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