Exporting table to excel

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Javier Joya
Javier Joya on 27 Jun 2016
Commented: Sourin Dey on 27 Jun 2016
Good Afternoon, I will try to keep this to the point. I have created two tables and they ready to be exported to excel. Say T1 is [1600x5] and t2 is [2x4]. How can I concatenate those two tables into one so then I will be able to use the "writetable" function? I have tried the "horzcat" and the "union" functions but I keep getting errors due to the dimensions not being the same. Is there a way around this?
Date = datetime('today'); M1 = table(Temp_K, Pressure, inverse_temp, N_Log, k_value_slope); (1600x5) Matrix M2 = table(MM, Date, Pan_Size, Experiment_Date); (2x4) matrix M = horzcat(M1, M2); M = table(Temp_K, Pressure, inverse_temp, N_Log, k_value_slope, MM, Pan_Size); name = input('Enter the name you wish to save the file as, use single quotes (ex. filename.xlsx) : '); writetable(M, name,'Sheet',1,'Range','B1');
Sourin Dey
Sourin Dey on 27 Jun 2016
  1. x=[1 2 3 6 ;4 5 6 51 ;7 8 9 2 ;10 11 12 11];
  2. y=[4 5 6;7 8 9];
  3. C = blkdiag(x,y);
  4. C(1:2,5:7)=y;
  5. C(5:6,:)=[] . thus [4*4] & [2*3] can be concatenated , or any other dimensions as well.

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Accepted Answer

Jan Orwat
Jan Orwat on 27 Jun 2016
Edited: Jan Orwat on 27 Jun 2016
You don't have to join tables before exporting them. You can just create spreadsheet and then add other data in other sheets or in the same sheet, specifying target cells.
Maybe you would like separate sheets?
warning('off','MATLAB:xlswrite:AddSheet'); %optional
Or in one sheet:
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Javier Joya
Javier Joya on 27 Jun 2016
Thank you very much!! For some reason I thought I had to joint both tables before using the writetable function.

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