Need help regarding extract information from (AUTOSAR) XML file!

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Hi, I have to read an AUTOSAR system description file (.arxm) in MATLAB and extract all the port connections of Software Components (SWCs). As far as I could find no such possibility in arxml.importer class, I thought may be using XML reader would be the only solution. However I do not know how exactly! Or maybe the pre-written XML tools by users would be useful in this case? It would be great if anybody can share his/her idea or solution. Thank you in advance.

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Deepika Mani
Deepika Mani on 7 Mar 2019
Extraction of data from arxml file is feasible through xml reader. Below is a code snippet to extract port names from the arxml file:
DOMnode = xmlread(xmlfile);
port_node = DOMnode.getElementsByTagName('PORTS');
name_node = port_node.item(0).getElementsByTagName('SHORT-NAME');
for n=0:name_node.getLength-1
port_name = name_node.item(n).getTextContent;
This can be extended to extract any value from the arxml file.
I hope this solves your need!


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