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Calculation of Enormous Numbers

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dsmalenb on 18 Jul 2016
Commented: dsmalenb on 18 Jul 2016
I am trying to calculate some truly enormous numbers but I am running into difficulties using the symbolic toolkit. I am looking to calculate and do further operations to numbers around 2^1000. From the Matlab support literature they suggest I use the Symbolic Toolkit. I ran the following snippet:
syms Z;
Z = sym('2^1000')
The output is the following:
Warning: Support of strings that are not valid variable names or define a number will be removed in a future release. To
create symbolic expressions, first create symbolic variables and then use operations on them.
> In sym>convertExpression (line 1536)
In sym>convertChar (line 1441)
In sym>tomupad (line 1198)
In sym (line 177)
In test (line 103)
Z =
I am not sure how to work around this warning. Perhaps there is a better way to approach this?
I would appreciate any help!
Thank you!


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James Tursa
James Tursa on 18 Jul 2016
Edited: James Tursa on 18 Jul 2016

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dsmalenb on 18 Jul 2016
Thank you. I figured there was a way to do it.

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