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set(gca,'Y​dir','reve​rse') not working in Quiver plots

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Bineet_Mehra on 3 Aug 2016
Commented: dpb on 14 May 2021
I am using Matlab 2010. I have to reverse the Y axis and for simple plots set(gca,'Ydir','reverse') is working fine. But when i am using set(gca,'Ydir','reverse') for Quiver plots, its not working. Yes i can manually reverse the axis after the quiver plot is ready ie from property editor but i want to save the plot on the go using Print and want set(gca,'Ydir','reverse') to work properly.
Please help . Too much time had been wasted by me on this. Can not get it right
Thanks Bineet
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dpb on 3 Aug 2016
Show sample that doesn't seem to work right (and the code that generated it...if it's an issue with quiver itself somehow the example data in the doc should be sufficient to reproduce the issue).
It seems to have no issues here w/ R2012b or R14; I don't have anything between but I think it must be something you're doing elsewhere in creating the plot that's causing the issue like there being a second axes or somesuch, not related to quiver; that you're using quiver is, I think a red herring like in the junior high pre-algebra word problems the extraneous information was thrown in to trip you up...

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Vishwarath Taduru
Vishwarath Taduru on 23 Nov 2016
i am finding the same issue. Did anyone come up with a solution?
dpb on 14 May 2021
Again, unless we have actual code the produces the symptom, we can't try to reproduce and can only report that things work as expected elsewhere (albeit I don't have R2021a, I'm on R2020b, but I'd guess if this were a generic issue it would have many more reports of the problem by now).

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