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problem with enumeration class

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function data
a = classenum(c,d)
function data will pass the two arguments c and d to classenum. classenum looks like below
classdef classenum
Jan, Feb, March, April
function a = classenum(c,d)
Problem is when i run the function data it is not passing the argument c and d to classenum
and i am getting the error as '' No value has been provided for the enumeration member. For an enumeration derived from a built-in class, a value must be provided for each enumeration member''.

Accepted Answer

Adam on 10 Aug 2016
You have to create an object of an enumeration class by defining the enumeration e.g.
myEnumObj = classenum.Feb;
As far as I am aware you cannot have a normal constructor taking arguments for an enumeration class.

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