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Simulink real-time setup with no target computer

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I am going through the setup process for Simulink Real-Time as outlined in the help documentation. Everything seems to install properly, except for the target communication. For my setup, the development computer will also be the computer the real-time application is run from, so I don't have a target computer. Simulink keeps giving errors though saying it can't find a target computer.
What is the proper way to set this up and build my model to run a real-time application on the same computer I'm developing the application?
I've also gone through the example of "Create and Run Real-Time Application from Simulink Model", but it hits errors because it's always looking for a Target Computer, even when I change the Scope type to "Host".

Answers (1)

Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 6 Dec 2016
This will not be possible with Simulink Real-Time as it requires a 2 computer setup (Windows PC for developing Simulink model and a dedicated computer to run the real-time application). (See:
If you require only a single computer setup, you might want Simulink Desktop Real-Time.

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