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How can i create a specific loop which stores values in a matrice?

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Dear Community,
First of all thank you for your support in the last days. Here is my last question. I Promise (the question is not the same like last time).
I have an input-table. It has 3 columns and some rows -> The first column are my x-coordinates and the second column are my y-coordinates. (Of my start points) This start point is always my left bottom corner point of my rectangle. From this point i want to draw my rectangle. (height and width should be a constant). I have big problems with loops and matrices..
My output must be looking like: AllPoints= [0,0;1,0;1,1;0,1;5,5;10,5;10,10;5,10;2,2;4,2;4,4;2,4]; -> Explanation see screenshot
clc % löscht den Bildschirm
clear all % löscht alle Variablen
%Table -> (start Points...)
%12 0 10
%14 0 30
%16 0 54
%18 0 51
%20 0 35
%22 0 12
%14 2 25
%16 2 35
Input_Matrix = readtable('Testbeispiel_Rainflow.dat',...
Thank you! Have a pleasant day
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per isakson
per isakson on 11 Sep 2016
I fail to see the relation between the data in your script and AllPoints.

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